Facecontrol, Inc. is a Floridian research and development company. It was incorporated in Florida in 2015 as a parent company in relation to newly created companies, each running a separate project. Company focuses on NBIC Research and Development - the convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science. FACECONTROL, INC. invests in development of the most promising technologies and inventions. All projects are protected by US and Eurasian patent and copyright law. Company’s mission is to implement obtained results and inventions in everyday life for wide range of consumers, primarily in US, EU and Asia.

We are constantly learning new things. We develop ideas that are innovative. We think outside the box. Our interest extends to conduct our research based not only on conventional methods but also on previously unknown psychophysiological, biological and biophysical phenomena or developments in the realm of new scientific paradigms. Moreover, we also develop and implement highly effective and commercially attractive technologies that have proven themselves in various fields of research.