True Preferences Corporation was established in September 2018 in Delaware as part of a group of companies originated and managed by its parent company, Facecontrol Inc. The main objective of the Company is to focus on the development of true preferences™ Application and its technology. True Preferences, Inc. owns all the intellectual property supporting the App, including a registered US Patent «System and method of objectively determining a user’s personal food preferences for an individual diet.» (Serial No. 15/225,167), developed by Facecontrol, Inc.

The True Preferences™ App identifies foods that the human body responds to with an unconscious emotional reaction. Restriction in consumption of these products leads to stabilization of the user’s weight, control over weight gain and improvement of the quality of wellbeing and a quality of lifestyle.
True preferences™ App is offered as a multi-platform application and is available in Apple Store and Android Google Play.
Potential Target Audience in the USA for app True Preferences:
According to a study conducted by government agencies and by independent companies, many people using different nutritional plans in the US in 2017 was near 97 million people. Out of this group, 60 million people are actively using mobile applications on this matter. It’s projected that these people are a target audience of true preferences™.
Our team is actively working on the development and expansion of possibilities for the true preferences™ technology for other uses, beyond nutrition. In a world where our ‘personal’ decisions are driven by social and cultural pressure, where imposed choices lead to physical and mental stress, we can help people discover their true preferences. Our technology restores the control of their decision-making abilities and ultimately makes people feel much happier about their own choices far beyond their nutritional preferences.