Department of Research & Development of Facecontrol, Inc., FLORIDA, USA.


Telemetry monitoring and assessment system of parameters of human vital functions and clinical signs of possible functional disorders and determination of methods of control

A revolutionary U.S. Patent pending software and interchangeable auxiliary hardware system for remote telemetric diagnostics of the physiological and mental state of subjects. For the first time ever, a doctor may diagnose a patient remotely and receive enough substantial information to make a medical decision using just a camera with or without connected interchangeable auxiliary sensors via a video conference call. The invented system includes an electronic computing device of a subject with a camera operably configured to measure spectroscopic changes, parameters of discoloration in the skin and the mucous membrane tissues in the areas of the subject’s face, to provide assessment of pupils and sclera pigmentation, coupled with multiple interchangeable sensors to assess a surface temperature of the skin, composition of exhaled air from the subject, sensorimotor reaction of the subject, motor activity of the subject, and optical lighting operably configured to assess skin color and perfusion of blood vessels of the subject’s face remotely; the electronic computing device of the subject communicatively coupled to a processor, operably configured through programed software instructions, to process the registered data and transmit it to a medical practitioner’s personal computer to conclude with a diagnosis and/or recommendations.

The system’s capability is by far more advanced than just providing state of physical or psychological condition. If coupled with our proprietary True Preferences® technology, the system may determine user’s true subconscious reactions to any presented stimuli during a test.

System and methods of objectively determining a user’s personal food preferences for an individualized diet plan (

An automated U.S. Patented computer-implemented methodology and system of displaying audio and visual stimuli (in this particular application – food products) on any personal gadget (phone, tablet) to determine user’s true biofeedback response remotely using just gadget’s webcam. After received information is processed, the system will generate exact recommendations, based on individual biofeedback reactions, which food products to include and which to exclude in next meal based on personal weight management goal.

The system’s capability is by far more advanced than just analyzing and comprising nutrition plans. True Preferences® technology allows to determine and expose user’s true subconscious reactions to any presented stimuli during a test.

AQUADOCTOR – Methodology of modifying the properties of consumable liquids to preventively treat or functionally correct human health conditions.

Water biophysics works with quantum notions of liquids, viewing its regulatory function as the basis of a cell life. While this research gives rise to new perspectives on cellular metabolism issues, more importantly it sheds light on the state of biosphere, including human health, which is consistently subjected to destructive technogenic impact. Based on research, Facecontrol, Inc. has developed a computer implemented methodology of modifying the properties of consumable liquids to preventively treat or functionally correct human health conditions.

Hardware and software telemetry technology to determine physiological and mental state of an patient (employee, student depending on application), and analysis of clinical signs impeding performance with remote tele-interaction between medical personnel and a patient.

The technology is aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the state of a patient (employee, student, etc.) using telemetric information in the system of medical examinations and identifying clinical signs of functional disorders that impede their performance. The technology utilizes devices equipped with sensors for measuring, input and reading of signals, parameters and data of graphic, acoustic, text, pyrometric, spectroscopic information and coordinates devices using computer vision technology to control the parameters of skin color change and mucous tissues in the areas of the face, surface temperature of the skin, the composition of exhaled air, sensorimotor reaction, motor activity, psychoemotional and mental state, as well as clinical signs of alcohol and drug intoxication, using combined lighting means to assess skin color and perfusion of blood vessels of the face, a processor connected to them for processing the registered parameters, containing a computer program designed to determine clinical signs that impede the performance (work duties, educational processes), and provide recommendations to a medical practitioner.

A method for determining clinical signs that impede the performance of the functional duties of a patient (employee, student) using telemetric technologies of the software and hardware complex, including the registration of changes in the color of the skin and mucous tissues, mental activity, vegetative-vascular reactions, disorders of the motor sphere, assessment of the data obtained, their analysis and development of recommendations in the decision support system, while the registration of parameters is carried out during remote interaction with a medical practitioner.

Telemonitoring of Capillary Blood Flow in the Human Skin: New Opportunities and Prospects.

The oscillatory nature of cutaneous perfusion is fundamental and is caused by the functional activity of various regulatory mechanisms, which is confirmed by various methods of studying microcirculatory blood flow in humans. A conceptually new method for assessing skin microcirculation is based on the analysis of video fragments of capillary blood flow in the skin registered with a conventional web camera (smartphone, tablet and others). Simplicity and usability of capillary blood flow telemonitoring in humans open way for a personalized approach to patient treatment as well as telemedical control of treatment effectiveness in a variety of pathological conditions.

Stem cells research in burnt patients.

Research of stem cells, their populations, stem cell differentiation. A demonstrated analysis of circulating hemopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in humans, specifically in burn patients along with data showing significant rise in absolute and relative quantities of HSCs in burn patients as compared to healthy individuals, an event triggered presumably by the tissue hemopoietic regeneration needs.