True Preferences is a scientifically proven biofeedback technology that determines and analyzes subconscious reactions of users to presented visual stimuli.

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The scientific foundation for the app is based on the Law of Perception, formulated back in 1970s by a pioneering American scientist in human consciousness field — Benjamin Libet.

By studying the sensational threshold, he found that decisions are made in the brain about 0.5 sec before we become conscious of it. Our body tirelessly scans the environment and regulates its internal and external balance by accepting and rejecting various stimuli. This process begins within the first 0.2 seconds after the stimuli onset, and by the time the signal reaches the conscious mind, we are likely to default into our familiar pathways and patterns of thinking and behavior. No wonder it’s difficult to produce truly different outcomes in our lives!

The central concept of True Preferences® App is based on the fact that a person reacts to an image of food the same way that one would to a food itself. Once the user sees each image of various foods, the app identifies the speed of blood circulation in the face capillaries and changes causing skin discoloration. Micro-movements of facial muscles take place, and our revolutionary app detects and analyzes such changes to inform the user, which foods caused the reaction. Finally, our app reveals the foods which will store as much energy as possible. Excessive energy that comes from food is stored in fat cells, and once we begin to identify what foods we can skip for each meal, our nutritional well-being and weight-loss are quite literally, one scan away.

Fundamental computing algorithm utilized by true preferences® allows to substitute any stimuli image and analyze user’s reaction to it. We used food as an example to demonstrate scientifically proven capabilities of the technology and its applicability to a “question of choice“ circumstances.

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